"You Are My Sunshine Demo" track listing and release date are going to be announced some time next week.
Just made page! Please help yme out by checkin out some tracks https://soundcloud.com/mr_red20/get-lit-produced-by-mr-red
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Bumpin my new mixtape hope ya do the same show some love
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Jay Joe replied to Admin's discussion How Do You Get Over Writer's Block?
"writers block is common amongst every artist but i deal with my by creating a rhythm to the melody my mental waves tune into inside my head,think about real life situations,ponder on thoughts and imaginations and just let it flow...sometimes i just…"
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It was a beautiful summer! However, all good things must come to an end? No! Fall is going to bring magnificence
Check my mixtape out #WordsofArt

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A new joint to take my City