Topic Of Conversation GeeSavaGee @Dreadrecords

By Hernando Versharn Butler, 2016-10-26
Topic Of Conversation GeeSavaGee @Dreadrecords
Lyrical Handgun GeeSavaGee
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By Airpic-M, 2016-10-24


Born and raised in the city of Cape Town and groomed by the streets of Gugulethu. Aphelele Menisi better known as Airpic-M became active in the music industry since the early years of his high school career. He chose to engrave his name on the Hip-hop genre after noticing his strength of writing poetry.

At the age of 17, Airpic-M dropped his very first ten song mix-tape titled "No Strings attached" which he produced and recorded. Seemingly that gave him some street credit, taking into consideration that his name was on the tip of everyone's tongue in the community. The Gugs rapper resurrected the life of Hip-hop in his community and better yet he started to influence his peers. In 2010 Airpic-M joined a local group/recording studio "Tripple V" which consisted of five individual rappers including himself. He then started to work with the members of the group simultaneously as a producer and a rapper. This is where he found room for growth and development for both his roles in the band. Unexpectedly three years down the line "Airpic" decided to deviate and go solo to put more focus on his solo career. Whilst In the process, one of the band memb

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By Da_king199, 2016-10-24
Hey Guys another cover of SIA'S number1 music cheap thrills. Hope you enjoy and please follow me.
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Tryna be your favorite cousin

By Cousin Deeky, 2016-10-24
Tryna be your favorite cousin

Cousin Deeky is a Hip-hop recording artist from New Jersey best known for his single April Showers from his debut mixtape Unsupervized released in the summer of 2016. Just a guy who loves Hip-hop and loves what Hip-hop has done for him so he wants to give back to fellow Hip-hop lovers with positive messages and words of encouragement. 

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Twitter: Cousin_Deeky

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Erad world

By Erad, 2016-10-24
For Extraordinaires
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A new rapper from florida is starting off strong! check him out his name is Solrac!

Solrac is a new rapper from Florida, United states. Solrac is a talented artist who paints his story in the form of music. Solrac raps about how he feels about the world and his emotions and struggles. Check out his song "On My Mind" on soundcloud: . Twitter: @ItsSolracA Buy his songs on bandcamp: Support him on Tradiio

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Tell Me

By Jakk Jonson, 2016-10-24
Tell Me
Http:/ me/song/26870485
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Birth Of A Nation

By J.Isaak, 2016-10-24
Birth Of A Nation

19 year old hip-hop artist J.Isaak has released a forward thinking song called "Birth Of A Nation" inspired by the recent controversial film by Nate Parker. Its artwork features the movies most provocative theatrical poster, Nate Parker with the American Flag as a noose around his neck. Once called "The Hope For Hip Hop" by Sway Calloway of Sway In The Morning, J.Isaak brings up some important points on the track he posted to his Soundcloud. Link to the song, his interview, and EPK are down below.

Birth Of A Nation:

Sway Interview:


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