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How can Push Power Promo help me promote my music?


With Social Media and Music distribution via web on the rise, Push Power Promo can help you and your songs stand out above the competition! We promote music videos, songs, albums and mixtapes from hardworking, talented artists everyday. Our music promo is top of the line!

What does Push Power Promo offer?

Push Power Promo offers 3 separate types of services that can benefit almost anyone!

Our Limited Time offer deals are designed to give boosts in credibility on popular sites like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. We offer Promotional Packages that can raise awareness and popularity of your social status on the net if you use our services right! Services also include Reverbnation Promo, Soundcloud Promo, and Datpiff Promo. We want to help artists with indie music and underground music to stand out!

Our Promotional Campaigns are designed to raise awareness of our clients crafts and get them on the radar of real listeners and music fans! We have a strong social media presence that can benefit anyone looking to get more song plays, potential fans, and supporters of their craft. Need to promote your music harder? We've got you covered! We share music daily on sites like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. We also offer Email Blasts that spread music to relevant sites, stations, DJs and more in the music industry.

Our site is constantly updated with mainstream and underground music that is up-to-date. Do you have the a hot song or video but no budget? No worries; we can still get your music heard for free. Previously, we accepted hundreds of music submissions via email a week, and could not give spotlight to everyone we heard. Now, we are offering you the chance to upload your song, video or project straight to our site! We pick our daily favorites from user submissions and add them to the home page for maximum free promotion.

How do I get started?

You can start by signing up as a member and Uploading Your Music to our site. Be sure to check out our promotional services and current contests! We have a Song of the Month Contests open to all members of our community that you can submit to any time between the 1st and the 25th of each month. 

Check our User Submitted Blog to discover fresh music videos and songs from Artists around the Globe!


We have a new section called "Networks" for users to create their own pages. Also, check out the VIP Section for information on becoming Push Power Promo VIP!

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We offer a variety of options in Music Promotion including Promotional Packages, a daily blog to promote songs and videos from Underground/Indie Artists, Youtube promo, Facebook Promo, Twitter promo and much more! For details, please visit the Promotional Services page to get the scoop on how we promote music.

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