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  • Push Power Promo FAQ


    How much does it cost to join?

    Push Power Promo has free membership available as well as paid VIP membership for $16.95 monthly.

    What does Free Membership include?

    Free membership includes access to our user-submitted music blog, our daily opportunity post, our weekly music tips and discounts and customizable music profiles.

    How can I cancel my free membership?

    Free membership can be canceled by clicking the trash can icon on the top right of your profile page.

    What does Paid (VIP) Membership include?

    Paid membership can include access to our larger VIP opportunity list (7 per day), lifetime 20% discounts to our services, and inclusion in our official PR roster.

    How can I cancel my paid membership?

    Paid membership can be canceled by submitting a cancellation request on the control panel widget here. If you plan to delete your free profile as well, please be sure to submit a VIP cancellation request first to ensure you are not charged in the future.

    How can I join the movement to receive high-quality songs as a music company or music fan?

    If you are only interested in receiving music and not promoting, we encourage you to sign up to our list on P3hits where we promote high-quality music that we find in our Push Power Promo member base. Sign-ups include genre-specific settings that can cater to your tastes.


    Does promotion require approval?

    Our user-submitted blogs have a very loose approval process to ensure spam is not published. Our "Rate My Music" package accepts almost all songs, excluding ones that are of a particularly low quality that is unable to be heard by our members. Our professional promotion packages have a very strict approval process and include email, social media, and PR marketing.

    Does promotion require a contract?

    Our current promotion style does not include song rights splitting; there is no need to sign a contract. We do require professional package clients to verify our permissions to share their musical work, as well as verification that you own or have the right to share the particular work.

    Does promotion include untargeted or bot traffic?

    Our promotional campaigns only include real plays and exposure that will come from our natural site traffic, social media traffic (active, targeted followers; check our pages here), email list traffic from active members who've signed up with interest in receiving music, and traffic from PR connections that accept and promote the songs of our clientele.

    Will the Rate My Music (on-site promotion) campaign bring me comments, likes, reposts, and followers?

    Depending on how well your song is received, you may receive some extra social signals to your SoundCloud song. Our on-site promotion is a passive form of marketing rather than a direct form such as email or PR marketing, so your social signals may be lower than usual since users aren't actively on your SoundCloud page. Listeners will be more inclined to rate your song using our on-site 5-star rating widget that will still be visible on your unique blog after your campaign is over.

    My song is not on Soundcloud. Can I still get promoted?

    Yes, you can send an MP3 for us to upload to our channel. Be advised you may be missing out on some natural SoundCloud followers by not promoting on your own account.

    Do you promote DJs and Producers?

    Yes, with the exception of our professional packages and PR. Our professional promotion package and PR membership only market full, original songs. Instrumental tracks that are intended to be sold to singers/rappers cannot be accepted. Finished EDM tracks without vocals can be accepted.  DJ mixes and remixes cannot be accepted.

    Are promotional orders refundable?

    We can only process refunds under the following circumstances:
    1. Your promotional campaign has yet to start and you request a refund
    2. Your "Rate My Music" campaign submission song has unusually low audio quality and cannot be featured


    How long do orders take to complete?

    The majority of our orders are processed within 48 hours and completed within 2-5 days. Large or ongoing services have varying completion times.

    I forgot to input my link when I purchased, what do I do?

    Please submit a 'forgot my link' form request here and we will update our records accordingly. The 'forgot my link' form is also included in your email confirmation after ordering just in case.

    Are these social signals (plays, fans, followers, etc) real?

    Our Social Media services come from acquiring non-targetted, very brief visits or non-active accounts. These are not to be confused with our promotion services! Although our social media services do not provide active plays and fans, these services are extremely popular and beneficial for visibility with new and established brands (artists, music companies, etc) due to the strategic benefits of social proof. To learn more about social proof, visit this page.


    What are your business hours?

    Our normal business hours are Monday - Saturday: 9am-6pm EST.

    Is Push Power Promo hiring?

    We are currently accepting blogger and critic applications for part-time independent contractor contributions that can be found here.

    How can my company become affiliated with Push Power Promo?

    Feel free to submit affiliate and advertising inquiries to our contact page here.