Push Power Promo Services

Our services are designed to boost your brand and get your music heard! Check out our options below and choose what fits best for you.

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Deal of the Week:

Get 5,000 SoundCloud Plays + 500 Followers - $12.99!

- Delivery time - 2-5 Business Days

- You an split plays on 2 songs

- You can order multiple times!

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Social Proof Services

Starting at $8

Start Getting Twitter followers within 3-5 days (money back guarantee!)

- No follow count replenishing

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Starting at $8

Start getting Soundcloud Plays within 5 days (money back guarantee!)

- Split Plays up to 5 tracks

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Promotional Campaign Services

Get Targeted Plays With On-Site Advertising!

Starting at $24.99

Many sites these days can offer number boosts on music and video hosting sites, but we have introduced a unique, results-driven, on-site play service that gets our clients heard and rated by targeted listeners. The majority of your plays will come from site members who are just like you, that can provide valuable feedback to fellow music makers. A good amount will come from DJs, labels, radio shows and the like who have signed up to our site with an interest in finding indie talent. Other plays will come from fans of your fellow music making members who might just become your newest fan as well! 

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 $7 - $89

Get Daily Promos on Twitter via (10) accounts:

@XFTbaby, @PromoGawd, @nelliePPP, @PushPowerPromo, @ClakePR, @AntPushPP, @ForeverPromo, @SisiPromos, @pppromote, and @Number1Push (1 a day, 200,000+ REAL INTERACTIVE MUSIC INDUSTRY FOLLOWERS)

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- 3 days of on-site advertising/plays on our 'Blog' page with listener feedback via 5 star rating system 
- 30 days, 30 promos on (6) Twitter accounts (100,000+ reach)
- Email Blast to 3,000 network connections
- Guaranteed 10,000 Youtube Views on the video of your choice
- Guaranteed 5,000 Quality Twitter Followers (can be split for up to 2 accounts)

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