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This definition has 2 meanings. In a broad sense, a "jackpot" is understood to mean any big win that can be obtained in gambling. This is the most common interpretation, but it is most often found among people who are far from online gambling.

Professional gamers call the jackpot a cash jackpot, which falls out in slot machines randomly. It is formed based on bets made by players in a certain device or group of slots. Thus, the amount of winnings directly depends on the size of the prize fund of a particular slot machine.


The only way to win a big pot at a casino is to bet real money more often. In this case, the probability of hitting the jackpot increases, but keep in mind that it is issued randomly. Any gamer can contribute to the general bank, then make several bets and win a big jackpot.

In this regard, everyone has an equal chance of winning. However, according to statistics, gamers who play at the maximum bet more often win the jackpot in the casino. However, there were many cases when a few coins per spin were enough for players to break the bank.

In summary, it is impossible to predict the appearance of the jackpot. Users can only place bets on money not lower than the minimum and hope for a positive outcome.


There are 3 types of big pots that can be won at an online casino:

Base. Present in most slot machines in the form of the biggest win.
Network. Provided in one or more video slots based on bets made by gamers. Can be progressive or static.
Cumulative from the casino. The prize fund in this case is formed from the chances of users in all games on the site.


This win was originally provided by the developer of the slot machine. Such a jackpot is the maximum possible prize that can be won in one or another online slot. To get it, you do not need to make large deposits, as in games with a progressive or static bank. It is quite possible to achieve a win with a minimum/average bet.

In general, the base jackpot can fall into the slot machine at any time. Providers indicate their exact amount in the payout table.


In this case, the total bank is formed based on bets made by players in one or more online slots. Such a jackpot can be progressive and static.

In the first case, the amount of the pot regularly increases in size as gamers place bets on a particular device. The jackpot will grow until one of the participants in the accumulative prize fund falls out. Then the bank will be reset to zero and begin to form anew based on the new bets of the players. The amount of the progressive jackpot can be huge. Often, it exceeds the gamer's bet hundreds and even tens of thousands of times.

In the case of a static jackpot, everything is much simpler. Here the amount of the bank does not increase - it is set by the provider initially. Developers usually indicate it on the top panel of the slot machine. Any player can get such a prize, regardless of the size of the bet he made.


The main difference between this type of bank and the previous ones is that it is not formed in a gaming machine. Such a jackpot is accumulated inside the online casino based on the bets that users make. This takes into account the contributions of players made in all video slots on the site.

At RoyalLoto casino, you can find out the amount of the progressive jackpot at the top of the screen. Often its value reaches several tens of thousands of hryvnias. Such a win can fall out at any time. Typically, a pot break occurs when a large number of bets are made on the site at the same time or individual users play at the maximum values.

At the same time, it is impossible to accurately predict the loss of this winning. For the most part, it's all down to luck for the players. After the jackpot hits at Royal Casino, the prize fund begins to form anew based on new user bets. Thus, the site always has the opportunity to hit the big jackpot.


The jackpot is the most coveted prize in online casinos. The players who get it radically change their lives for the better. And this is not surprising, given that the amount of the jackpot in most cases reaches gigantic proportions. Visit vip preferred casinos and earn big money effortlessly

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