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    Tips For Getting Your Music To Stand Out

    Covers and Remixes

    Remaking a popular song never goes out of style. If you want to get your music in front of a new audience outside of your own network, consistently create covers and remixes! Remaking songs to get new listeners works so well in comparison to promoting your original songs because it's all about what people can relate to. Not many people are interested in hearing new material, but they'd be curious to hear your spin on a familiar song they like already. This is a hugely popular method of getting heard for free

    Send Physical Submissions

    Since everyone is making music and networking on the internet these days, it may seem strange to send people physical copies of your work.  If a radio station is accepting digital and physical submissions, you can bet that 99% of the submissions that station is receiving is sent over on the internet. Instead of adding your name to a sea of emails, why not go the extra mile and have your CD reach the desk at that radio station, where only a few other eager musical acts sent their work?

    Amazing Mixing and Mastering

    We come across a lot of good music, great music, and songs that are potential #1 hits. The only downside to these appealing songs is that most of them are average or below average in audio quality. While it's expected, most independent artists are publishing songs on the internet that isn't mixed and mastered well enough to be played on the radio at that moment. Poor audio quality is one of the top reasons artists fail at getting new fans! Once in a blue moon, a member will sign up onto our site with a song that sounds like it was recorded in million dollar studio. We LOVE and often promote these types for free. If you've got access to a great audio engineer, if you do engineer work yourself, or if you have a good amount of money to invest in your recording process, use the advantage!

    Unique Album Art

    Your album art speaks for you before your music does. Make sure it's saying something that can catch a complete stranger's interest. Depending on your style, you may want to experiment with art that will make people laugh, shock someone who may be scrolling by, or just something that is very visually beautiful. Just make sure that your photo isn't of low or blurry quality.

    Uncommon Song Themes and Lyrics

    If you take note of the lyrical content in songs that match your genre, you will notice that a lot of artists are saying the same things. A lot about love, a lot about money, and not enough unique and compelling topics. If you can find a way to be relatable but stand out from the standard lyrics you always hear, try it out! Even finding uncommon ways to describe popular themes and feelings like love and betrayal in your songs can be a solid way to make yourself stand out.

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