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Author King Steelo

About Author King Steelo

Going on 3 years in Freedom---yours truly---author King Steelo---who published his first book while incarcerated and still in the literary game with books available @ Now continues to spread his talents with his first Love---music. His LP Oo-ber Pharmaceuticals is out now and available in all music outlets. King has also re-released his first 2 Lp's Drainin (99-2k-01) & Da Killin' Fieldz (2006-2010) In the meantime peep and enjoy fya gutter music outta New Orleans @

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From years behind bars to finally free spittin' Bars in Nawlings...

on October 15, 2015 King Steelo was released after serving 12 years in Louisiana prisons for multiple felony charges. During this stint he would become a self published author with books available @ King has also returned to the music industry releasing a new LP Oo-ber Pharmaceuticals and re-releasing his 2 prior LP's Drainin (99-2k-01) and Da Killin' Fieldz (2006-2010) 

King is currently still writing novels and recording new music with another LP and videos in the works. Deep from the land of Lil Weezyana comes an underground Legend who is finally free to unleash his hardcore hip hop flow amongst the masses. They have released a beast who may be up in age but still hungry lyrically and more than ready to bring Hip Hop back to life after all these years of bondage in the mumble alleys of perish. He is not a super hero just a city slicker with a story that may save your life...

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