KatieMorleyZachariasz - I've Gotta Go

By Katie Morley Zachariasz, 2020-07-22
KatieMorleyZachariasz  - I've Gotta Go

This song can also be called Gotta Go, since that seems to be heard a lot.

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Rejuvenation Album

By TJ-Praise, 2020-07-22

TJ-Praise: Musical Artist, Singer, Songwriter and a rapper with the brand Rejuvenation Rock City (RRC)

Nationality: Nigeria

Instrumental: Vocals, guitar, piano and drums

Born: February 24, 1999.

    TJ-Praise is finally out with his first music album from Rejuvenation Rock City (RRC) an album of 10 tracks, this album is filled with inspirations and good vibes with beautiful sounds to get you in the right mood and get your day popping up with groove...

Check out Rejuvenation Album by TJ-Praise on all digital platforms worldwide and enjoy this tunes. originaloriginaloriginal💯🔥

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By VAN!SH TH!S WORLD, 2020-07-22
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Tal0n - soar

By Tal0n, 2020-07-22

Looking to get this song heard. I really like it and I’m really proud of it. Hoping for it to be added to playlists and maybe a label will find it.

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Zainro - Chicago Tribune

By zainro, 2020-07-22
Zainro - Chicago Tribune

Zainro. One of the most versatile artists available right now. Growing up on the south-side of Chicago has molded a lot of his personality and it clearly shows through his music. Wanting to make a difference, he found his musical talent and began sharing it. This is only the introduction. The wake up call.

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By derickson, 2020-07-22

As a believer I recommend the song praises to you. It is one of the must heard songs every believer needs to hear. The song contains more than just beats and vocals.This song praises is giving christians reasons why they should praise God even in the bad times,even when life storms at them .Just give it a try and your life will never be the same

Valerie Brown - We've Only Just Begun

By palmer7, 2020-07-22
Valerie Brown - We've Only Just Begun

In 1984, a 24-year-old woman named Valerie Brown was vacationing in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Just for fun, she decided to do some recordings in a small studio in the area. This was her B-side, something much more innocent than her A-side.

It actually was written for and debuted within a wedding-themed television commercial for Crocker National Bank in California in the winter of 1970, with Paul Williams on vocals. The commercial turned out to be very popular, but it attracted customers the bank was not interested in-- young adult customers without any collateral for loans-- so the campaign was eventually suspended, after which the concept was franchised by Crocker to other banks. Richard Carpenter heard the song, and the rest is history.

Whatever happened to Valerie Brown, this up-until-now unknown talent? Well, in 1988, she married a handsome man from Burlington, NC, and became Valerie Palmer, my mother. I love you, Mom.

I received some great advice from Dean Friedman: "The best advice I can offer is to trust your own ears." So, that's what I did. I hope you like it.

"We've Only Just Begun"
Written by Paul Williams & Roger Nichols
Performed by Valerie Brown
Recorded at Paradise Recordings, Myrtle Beach, SC
Edited and Mixed by Greg Palmer
©1984 Paradise Recordings-Songfest Productions
©2019 Palmer Music


By Ice Trillz, 2020-07-22

Ice Trillz is an Kenyan rapper, singer, and songwriter. He is very talented yet underrated. He hopes for the best as he officially starts his music career independently.

follow him on:




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Larry King ft Oluwa Yomyte - Laye

By Larry King, 2020-07-22
Larry King ft Oluwa Yomyte - Laye

Listen to the latest joint track from Larry King and Oluwa Yomyte off their forthcoming joint EP titled LAYE. This hot tune is produced by Awesome Pedro and is mixed and mastered by Dee Bishop.

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