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Joel Joshua Brown, professionally known as D-CYPHR, is an underground Cornish rapper trying to get known, mostly based around conscious rap, sad rap and grime, mainly influenced by music from Chip, Yungen, XXXTentacion & Phora. In his music he mainly focuses on telling stories about his past and making stories and messages from a perspective where other people can also relate. With his music, he aims to spread insight towards both those who have and haven’t experienced tough times in life, so that those who have been through tough times can relate and realise that they aren’t the only ones who go through a lot, and so that those who haven’t been through tough times can have an insight of what it’s like to go through such struggles.

Born 13 / 5 / 99

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D-CYPHR (@DCyphrOfficial) - 仲間 | Nakama

D-CYPHR's new track Nakama is a unique, positive, alternative Ambient / Rap / Chillhop fusion with a positive and important message to it. The message of the track is that you need to have someone there for you to be happy and that having friends is much more important than having fame, being rich or living a luxury life alone.

The word Nakama means Companionship in Japanese

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D-CYPHR (@DCyphrOfficial)

By D-CYPHR, 2019-08-30
D-CYPHR (@DCyphrOfficial)

This remix of Yungen’s ‘Off The Record’ is a deep alternative hip hop track with a meaningful story and message to it. The main message of this track is both to not give up during hard times, and also that even though someone may seem ok, they could still easily be suffering and going through very hard times.

D-CYPHR makes music in hope to help people through tough times and with mental health problems by making music, telling stories and spreading messages from a perspective where they can relate

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D-CYPHR (@DCyphrOfficial) - Part Of Me

This new sad piano rap from D-CYPHR was made and recorded last year when he was going through a really hard time over someone who he’d been in love with for 4 years and finally confessed to. He nearly got depression and felt like she didn’t care about him anymore but eventually he pulled through it all with help from her friend who is also close to him and means a lot to him. He says she was basically his therapist throughout the time he was going through all this and that he never thought he’d have had to use music as therapy but had to make this track throughout the time

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Proficient Prophet (@_pro_prophet_) - Reloaded (Ft. D-CYPHR (@DCyphrOfficial)

For fans of Lil Pump, Rich The Kid and similar artists, this upbeat new rap song is definitely worth checking out if you want something energetic to listen to.

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