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By: Guadalupe12
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Such as jade said the past for her, although no impression but empathy, like listening to other people's stories, but can not help but for the story of the woman when sad and happy, she clearly knows that this past clearly existed, for her, should be unforgettable. The disgraced Fang Tassel, the world-famous Feng Su Su, this is her, once so deep memory, but was mercilessly sealed by witchcraft, what can not be remembered. She raised her hand, trying to knock on Nan Jin's door, and slid down feebly. The past is like smoke, like a winding warm current flowing under her feet, but the surface is covered with a thin layer of ice, tassels first to break the layer of ice and snow, but dare not lift their feet, as if afraid that after the thin ice and snow break, the warm current also seeps cold, can not warm her heart, but cool the warmth. Gradually, her eyes are hazy, her calm eyes can no longer hide the sadness, concern, but also the endless pain in the depths of her eyes, she just stood quietly. Green skirt snow muscle, exquisite water through, beautiful exciting, but sad world moved, there is a trace of deep tenderness hidden in the depths of the eyes. In Ruyu's narration, she knew that she and Xiao Jue had passed,decorative palm trees, and that she had lived for a man named Feng Nanjin for five years. She was full of guilt for Xiao Jue, but full of heartache for Nanjin. Time is like a white horse passing by. Who can still remember the bitter past of Wangfu? I don't know who lost it. Everything is gone. Instead, it's five years of whispering and staying together day and night. Who can lose it? Her heart is full of Nan Jin's figure, bitter for him, bitter for him, a person carrying the memory of two people, is how heavy a thing. Have you ever thought about giving up when you turn around without hesitation? Re-understanding is only a few days, tassels can not help but want to ask, Feng Nanjin what kind of person you are, what kind of environment to cultivate such a matchless person. Smart, free and easy, aloof,artificial plant wall panels, forbearance, are into the bone inside, such as thin ice covered, do not show the slightest crack, leaving the world independent. She somehow understood his feelings, and he wanted her to fall in love with him again? She is intelligent, such as jade to say the problem between them is not clear, but tassels more or less know, with her temperament, how can fall in love with a person in such a short time, but also willing to marry him. At the beginning, because of the child, she was hindered in her footsteps, and also hindered in her lifelong feelings. In Nan Jin's heart, always can't help thinking, if they start without impurities, will his Su Su fall in love with him? This is the unique arrogance of Feng Nanjin, which is immersed in her bones and will never be extinguished. Nan Jin.. If you want it, I'll give it to you, as much as I can.. The door brush opened, Nan Jin's peerless face appeared in front of her, a snowsuit, silk ficus tree ,Faux cherry blossom tree, aloof tall and straight, so quietly standing, as if to occupy all the world's aura, singing all the world's romantic. He pursed his lips coldly and looked at her intently, so quiet that he seemed to be waiting for her to say something. The heart is like a cat scratching, and more than a tassel, from the beginning of her approach here, Feng Nanjin knew that the tassel was outside the room, separated by a thin door, her breath was so close, the warm medicinal fragrance on her body had penetrated through the door, warm fragrance overflowed, Nanjin was nervous.. Is nervous, heart deer bump, so familiar feeling, he has long been no stranger. The first time I saw the heart of tassels, the second time I saw the surprise of tassels, and the third time I saw tassels sinking, it was all like this, again and again, my heart was like a deer bump. Fengjiapu, under the Milky Way, he made a bet and gazed deeply at the woman who touched his soul. At that time, his heart was like a deer, as if he were dying, waiting for the judgment of the King of Hell, which would make you stay in the world, perhaps fall into hell. Tassels are such an existence for him. He can not let go of the woman, can not give up the concern, free and easy wind Nanjin, has long been no longer free and easy, the sky carries too much of his concern, he can no longer be free and easy. Su Su, do you know everything? Is it to be blamed? Or give up? Is it my fault? Her eyes, gentle as spray, rolling and shooting, but he could not tell how much attachment there was in it. "Are you still awake so late?" As soon as the words were spoken, Nan Jin wanted to slap herself hard, genius! Obviously do not want to ask this sentence, what is awkward at this time, this high profile can be lowered? What if I scare her away? His tassels are thin-skinned women, even if there is anything, he asked, she also retracted the turtle shell. Tassels did not escape as he expected, fixed looking at him, as if so many years have never seen enough, eyes gentle enough to drown him, Rao is Nan Jin, also never seen such a moving tassel, as if soaked in water, especially soft. I heard Ruyu say something about the past. Tassel said gently, with a gentle smile on his lips. What was he doing as if he were facing a formidable enemy? This kind of Nan Jin is so lovely that people want to pinch it. What about all of them? Nan Jin's voice was flat and slow, trying to hide his nervous and rapid heart, he tried to suppress, suppress, not to let it stir. Tassel chuckled, red Luo Qingyan, plain face snow muscle, slender hand stroked the position of his heart, tassel smiled very seriously, "Nan Jin, this time I will chase you?" Nan Jin was stunned, his intelligent mind was blank for a moment, what did Su Su say? After him? Tassels continued to laugh: "Of course, I am asking for your permission, you can refuse." "If you refuse, you won't chase?" Frightened by her blockbuster, the man finally came to his senses and smiled. Of course not! "It's hard for me to chase!" Nan Jin smiled even more happily. Then I'll try it even more. The tassels smiled, too. 308 The next morning,fake ficus tree, Nan Jin personally sent the tassel to the palace, which caused a sensation in the royal family of the daughter country, representing that the two heirs of the daughter country were justified to return to the palace.

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