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About HarlemWood

Harlem Wood is a recording artist and producer from Florida by way of New York. His latest project 'FTL' voices his views on the social injustice and political negligence, will be released later this year on all major streaming platforms.

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The song that blazed Soundcloud officially being released this Friday! Finally!!

Over 7 years ago I recorded a song called "Fire Weed" for the now defunct 'Traffic' project that I was working on at the time.  I faced a lot of obstacles while attempting to complete the project and eventually shelved the completed songs as I ventured into other musical endeavors. Anyway, I'll make this very long story much shorter. I uploaded "Fire Weed" to my production Soundcloud profile Legendary Beatz Music, I promoted a little on social media ,and a few other places, and after a few months the song wasn't gaining any traction so I forgot about it and moved on. Fast forward a few years later and I noticed something serious had happened. There were, at the time, more than 500k streams of the very song that I had written off as a failure. As the numbers began to grow, I started listening to feedback and decided to remaster the song for volume and clarity.

Now after all this time, I decided it's time to let this one out of the cage. So I am officially announcing that your favorite smoked out tune "Fire Weed" drops this Friday July 12, 2019 on Spotify, Tidal and all other major streaming platforms.

Thanks for the support and follow me on Instagram @officialwood to get a updates on my upcoming project 'FTL' which is nearly complete and I promise its going to be awesome.

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Harlem Wood - Fathers Day Freestyle

By HarlemWood, 2019-06-20
Harlem Wood - Fathers Day Freestyle

Prelude to the upcoming 'FTL' project, this motivational freestyle expresses life struggles and fatherly love in a relatable short emotional anthem.

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