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    Do you upload your music content onto Youtube's video platform? If so, don't miss out on ways to make some extra coins while making content that you love and sharing it with your fan base! A lot of people aren't aware, but you can make a few different types of royalties from original music of yours that is on Youtube. Youtube has paid over 2 billion dollars in royalties to content owners across the world. (Not to be confused with Youtube Ad revenue, which is a separate way to make money). Yet still, a lot of indie artists are leaving money on the table and don't have a clue!

    Youtube videos that feature original music generate these 4 different types of royalties:

    - Royalties for video content

    - Royalties for audio content

    - Performance royalties for the audio content (if you wrote the song)

    - Mechanical royalties for audio content (if you wrote the song)

    The types of royalties can be collected on your behalf if you are a member of performance rights organizations like BMI and SoundExchange. We recommend you to join both if you haven't already! In January 2018, the Copyright Royalty Board ruled to increase songwriter rates for song streaming by nearly 50% over the next few years; which means that the royalty rate will only increase as time goes by. 

    Youtube Content ID

    Not only can you make money off of content that you yourself upload, but you can get royalties from your music if it has been uploaded by someone else on Youtube as well. Using Youtube's Content ID system, your music can be automatically recognized on any video that is using your music. Get more details below:

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