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All-round female partner [wear quickly]

By: Majors256
Posted in: Acoustic

"Ke Re Wu?" Next to him, an Alpha asked in a low voice, calling his name, but his voice was full of respect. The most ferocious thing that has just been discussed with the Aquamarine people is the Alpha, which requires the Aquamarine people to occupy only one third of the territory, and has not yielded a step. When Ke Re Wu spoke, he was arguing with the Aquamarine. At this time, he did not understand why Ke Rewu made a sound, and the dispute stopped. See Ke Re Wu did not make a sound, it can only be anxious to continue to talk about the conditions, but see Ke Re Wu is not very happy. So when they talked about the terms, they relented, and eventually the Alphas and the Aquamarines took a step back. At the end, the two sides retreated one after another, but the white moon appeared outside the cabin where Ke Rewu was that night. The cabin still needs to be operated to open, thinking of the way she was taught to open the door when she lived in Ke Re Wu's house before, Bai Yue reached out and pressed it quickly. The cabin door was successfully opened. The white moon went in and pinched a trick to show her figure. As soon as I turned my head, I found Ke Rewu standing aside, looking at her silently. Ke Re Wu. The white moon did not mind its coldness and smiled: "Long time no see." Ke Re Wu's line of sight moved to her body,Gear Reduction Motor, the white moon saw then pulled the skirt, slightly turned a circle: "You give me clothes, I have been reluctant to wear.". I put it on when I came to see you today. Is it beautiful? White skirt, when the circle of the skirt flying, blooming like a flower. Ke Rewu turned his eyes away, but still did not speak. I hear you're leading all the Alphas now, aren't you? The white moon approached and stretched out her hand to the limb of the Rakorewitch,Low Rpm Electric Motor, but it avoided it. I didn't hold it, but I reached out to grab it. He caught it again and again, and then looked up at it with a smile: "You are really awesome." As usual, if the white moon praised each other so much, Ke Rewu would have been so excited that his limbs would have been flying. At this time, he did not look at the white moon, and suddenly he took back his limbs. Cold touch in the hands of the white moon slipped, about is too urgent to close, and not too smooth limbs suddenly pulled the white moon's hand out of a blood stain. As soon as the white moon's hand hurts, the blood drips down. Seeing this scene, Ke Rewu's limbs stiffened, but he still did not open his mouth. The white moon sighed and covered her left hand. He looked up at Ke Rewu and pursed his lips. "I know you're still angry. You shouldn't have come here.". But I missed you, so I came to see you. She paused. "Are we still friends?" The room was silent for a moment. I see. The white moon hung her head. "I'm leaving." With her left hand intact, she immediately disappeared in front of Ke Rewu. Ke Rewu, 24v Dc Motor With Gearbox ,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, whose limbs were stiff, was stunned and looked around subconsciously, but did not find the figure of the other side. Liar After a long silence, Ke Rewu murmured in a low voice. Its limbs and head hung down together, and it looked like it was clattering. One of its limbs rolls up something, which is clearly a language translator. He held it up in front of his eyes for a long time and whispered, "He said he missed me and didn't come to see me for so long.". See I also did not say a few words to leave, at the beginning obviously deceived me, still do not let me be angry for a while? "Liar!" It said angrily again, and the body rolled up to destroy the translator. However, after a long time of tightening, he failed to destroy it, and finally he spread out his limbs: "Liar!" Suddenly there was a light laugh in the empty room. You've called me a liar three times. Just when Ke Rewu was in a daze, the man who had disappeared suddenly turned around and appeared in front of his eyes. His tone teased him: "Liar, liar, liar, I am a big liar. I will say it for you." She smiled and took the translator in the hands of Ke Rewu, not knowing whether Ke Rewu had not yet reacted and did not stop her at all. Bai Yue held up the translator in her hand and slanted her head to look at Ke Rewu: "Since you hate me so much, do you still have a translator beside you?"? Are you still in contact with other Aquamarine people? "Or.." Bai Yue's smile is getting bigger and bigger. "Have you been waiting for me?" "Who's waiting for you?" Ke Rewu couldn't help speaking. "I'll destroy it now," he snorted coldly. "No, no, no. How can we talk if we're ruined?" The white moon fended off its limbs and embraced it. Ke Rewu shook off her twice and left her alone, still leaning his head angrily. Seeing what it looked like, most of the hesitation in Bai Yue's heart disappeared. Half coquettishly, she raised her left hand and said, "I was hurt by you last time and my arm bled a lot. Now you hurt my hand again." Ke Rewu's eyes congealed on her bleeding hand, and when he reacted, he looked away. You blame me for not coming to see you for so long because I'm afraid you're still angry. Bai Yue smiled and said, "Didn't you just ignore me?"? You won't say a word to me? "You're looking for an excuse." Ke Rewu is not fooled at all: "You obviously have this … …" "Weird" ability, also hid from me at the beginning. You don't say anything to me. The friend you said is lying to me. If I wanted to hide it from you, I wouldn't have told you the truth before I left. I have nothing to lose by leaving directly, so why bother to tell you? "As for your ability, if you want to know, I'll tell you all about it now." When he first met Ke Rewu, he was like a child, and his face was full of joy and anger. Now in the eyes of the white moon, it is still so, as simple as a child, sincere feelings. She took advantage of the other side, although later in Ke Rewu'in power 'secretly made a lot of efforts, but in the end in the wrong. Bai Yue directly reached out and hugged Ke Rewu's limbs and rubbed them: "Ke Rewu, I may have really lied to you about other things.". But one thing I've never lied about is.. I cherish you as a friend. Ke Rewu struggled for a long time, and after listening to these words,Small Geared Motors, he finally stiffened his limbs and hugged the white moon roughly. When the white moon looked up, there was still no good tone. "I haven't completely forgiven you yet." "I know." The white moon smiles: "I will continue to work hard, waits for you to forgive me completely." Chapter 222 Her Royal Highness of the Blood Clan 01 Gender: Female Age: 20 Appearance: 88 Intelligence: 75 Stamina: 78 Glamour: 100 Lucky: 80 Force: 80.

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