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    Brands and Music Licensing Companies


    All types of companies and brands use music in their day-to-day business practices. When you hear a song in the background of a commercial? An Indie artist somewhere is getting paid. When you hear a track playing while you were on hold with your phone company? An Indie artist is getting paid. That music playing in your favorite store as you shop? From an Indie artist, getting paid. In order for a company to use musical works in an advertisement or product of theirs, they must obtain the right, or licenses from the copyright owner(s) and work out the payment terms. Some brands like to request songs from the general public themselves, but most brands go through licensing companies, which hunt for quality songs that can be licensed for TV, video game, radio, and other song placements. Like radio stations, these companies will only consider polished, completed material; they don’t really get excited about potential. Instrumental tracks also do very well in this market since the music is usually used in a background setting. Similar companies that seek songs to pitch to major brands are also known as publishing companies.

    Tips for Submitting 

    1. Be sure that you own 100% of the material that is being submitted, or you personally know someone who owns part of the material. Licensing companies love accepting music that doesn't have a bunch of copyright risks and complicated owner percentages; they don't have the time!

    2. Submit songs that fit a particular mood. Songs that are easily placed into media often have an obvious theme or tone; i.e a love song, a confidence-building track, or relaxing ambient music. 

    3. Have a lot of material on standby. Licensing companies like to work with artists and musicians who have a large music catalog. If you only have an album's worth of material or less; you've got more recording to do!

    Where to Find Music Licensing Companies

    There are hundreds of licensing companies online, with many new ones soon to be created. A large percentage of these companies accept unsolicited submissions, meaning that they take the time out to listen to all types of submissions from musicians and artists around the world. Some companies like Audio Socket and Rumble Fish are easy to find with a quick google search, while others are smaller boutique agencies that deal with a few clients. We often post licensing companies to our Free and VIP submission pages and encourage our members to submit their best work. 

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