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Yung Mussurani B.L.A.C.K born Michraél Enimero James, is an Overground Artist with a distinct and infectious flow, sound and feel. He is the authentic charismatic Hip-Hop artist hailing from Brooklyn, NY, by way of Charlotte, N.C.. Make no mistake, he is a New Yorker by nature.  Having recorded two independent projects while a graduate student at NYU-Polytechnic Brooklyn Campus, he has incorporated that invaluable experience, and coupled it with his newly self-taught skill of music production.  He is currently producing and recording his independent debut indie project, BLACK EPIPHANY 444 set to be released digitally worldwide on 12/14/16.

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By MUSSURANIBLACK444, 2016-11-08

A lot of artists start out with a raw talent, gift, or ambition; maybe even all three. But, what most lack is a formula; a developed effective process toward producing hit projects.  This includes identifying what doesn't work for them.  I am interested to know if any of you have heard albums or releases from new mainstream artists that sounded nice, but you never listened to the album a second time. Did this change your initial impression of the artist created by their industry promotion? How did that make you feel about their product? Share with me your experience,  and I will follow up with the reason for this.

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