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Nune aka Mr. Propane

About Nune aka Mr. Propane

Nune (pronounced Noon) also known as Mr. Propane is an independent artist focusing on lyrical substance and conscience content with a very unique sound. Embracing deep poetic lyrics and unique delivery, along with focused subject matter that really blends into timeless songs you will want to dig deep into. From life, love, faith, and general peace his debut album Intervention is a breath of fresh air in the face of the evolution of hip-hop to trap, then Drill, and then to Autotune endued and Mumble Rap Era. Socially aware and only the beginning. Be a part of my journey as I am compelled to be a voice of reason in the midst of all the static we are drowned in. "Intervention" is not only an introduction into his life and deep inner-feelings but also an escape to a higher consciousness. "Motivation of Life, Love, and Respect"

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