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Pappy Natson

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Category: Hip Hop

The Illest Emcee In Your State

By Pappy Natson , 2019-09-10

Pappy Natson, a hip hop recording artist out of Rahway, Nj is rapidly building his fanbase! In the likings of a Nas /Roc Marci , this talented emcee has consistently put out fire accolades within the past few years . Projects like "PaNa" ,"Hell If I Know" , "CD" and his most recent EP "Demaris" produced by Nicholas Craven, is still picking up steam a year later! Pappy has also worked with an array of Artists from Shotgun Suge (URL Battle Rapper) to Pace Won from the Outsidaz (who also appeared on The Fugees " The Score") to the young Vet 38 Spesh whose worked with everyone! (from Dj Green Latern to Dj Premier to the legendary Kool G Rap!) This up & coming artist has lyrics!  Be on watch!

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