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About rnghaze305

Michael Bradley RNG Haze is a talented artist, producer, performer, an all around talent
born and raised at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami FL. Both parents grew up in Miami where his father the CEO of Reality Rap records worked very closely with The Miamis very own 2 live crew.
Michael Attended Miami Central High School, HE says that "he don't even know how he could stay focus without much distraction from the streets."
Michael Released
2015 FGE-SLIDELIFE on youtube which was the first collective grimy sound the represent who this artist is
2015- "FAWK the Law" SINGLE Feat 1A.M Kaine
2017- "WORK"
2017- "Living Fast"

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By: rnghaze305
Posted in: Hip Hop

RNG HAZE HAS Done it again Livin' Fast on iTunes follow all social sites. This is a mother banger for the streets since y'all been waiting on Slide Life 2 this something to hold all my fans off until we release the new heat. @rnhaze @prodbygz @don_versesĀ