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Life of Roody Fashino

The music of 2pac, The Notorious B.I.G, Mos Def, Big Daddy Kane, Eminem and Jay Z. Has really resonated the airwaves of the world for decades. These artists have been influential and some are are still infuential to this day to the people and the hip hop community all around the World to a point where they're considered "God's" of Rap/Hip hop. They have impacted the Glove with their lyrical content and extraordinary delivery.

Born in East London, Roody Fashino was then relocated to Port Elizabeth to live with his grandma at the age of ONE while his mother was finishing her last year at University. Soon after moving to Port Elizabeth his father was no where to be found. Roody Fashino's major influence is his mother. She managed to play both roles, the one of being a mother and also being a father as well when he was lacking the father figure side, she groomed him to be the young man he is today.
The street of Port Elizabeth did eventually play a role in his life, Roody Fashino started using drugs at a very early age which resulted in him getting convicted of plenty crimes at a very young age and had to spent several hours serving his community and serve some time in the convicted childrens facility home.

During the time he was able to take some time and re-evaluate things in his life and take the negative and turn it into a positive by focusing his energy on his life and music career.

Roody Fashino immediately took to Johannesburg yo begin pursuing his music career, it wasn't easy since there was already a lot of competition and plenty of con-men around.
He started working and collaborating with other artists and clothing brands, performing in venues such as, Oom Cola, AK's, Zone 7 Park, Road House, Rooftop PTA, Cubana, Agape Cafe, Maboneng present, One Source Live and Town Hall, he could start to feel the buzz as he began to catch tons of people's attention with his music including record label company's and s couple of well known artists.
Meeting after meeting labels would feed Roody Fashino the pipeline dream of signing him to a major record label, but as time passes by there's was no movement at all.

In the midst of Roody Fashino's grind someone eventually sis take notice. Rapper and Boss Brain record label owner "Yinks" reached out to Roody Fashino and let him know that he believes in him and has his support, Yinks offered to help Roody Fashino take his hip hop journey to the next level.

Soon after their talks Roody Fashino went on to release his debuted single:
"Mama I'm The Man" with the likes of 9current and Season Produced by Young Dreamer

as well as his Hit single
"Nelson Mandela" Produced by Keezy
- Music Video:

- Song:

Word around Town is Roody Fashino is the (NEXT BIG THING).

Full Name: *Lwazi Mema*

Stage Name: *Roody Fashino*

Born: East London, EC
- South Africa

Home Town: Port Elizabeth EC

Age: 20+ (Early 20s)

Debut Singles: 

*Mama I'm the Man

Nelson Mandela

F with me 

On Me 


Alive on Stage

The Gang


Legado Lifestyle*


Artist: Roody Fashino

Title: Mama I'm The Man

Released: 21 September 2018

Download :

Mama I'm the Man

Roody Fashino - The Gang:

Roody Fashino - Legado Lifestyle:

Roody Fashino - Nelson Mandela:

Roody Fashino - On Me:

Roody Fashino- F With Me:

Roody Fashino - Hallelujah


Eyeball color: Hazel 

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Height : 5'6 (158 cm)

Weight: 60 KG (156 lbs)

Wingspan: 5'2 (158 cm)


Music Occupation:




-Gangster Rapper

-West Coast Rapper








-West Coast Rap

-Gangster Rap







Roody Entertainment Group Ltd CEO (Management) 2019 - Presents  


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ISRC: ZA-YF6-18-00014

UPC: 5056124642850

Samro No: 2334388

For BOOKING Contact:
Cell: 0658422055
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TWITTER: @roodyfashinoSA

INSTAGRAM: @roodyfashinosa

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Musically Fashioned - I Am The Man

By: roodyfashinoSA
Posted in: Hip hop
Musically Fashioned - I Am The Man

Lwazi Mema aka Roody Fashino is a young Rapper, Producer, Entertainer and Event Organizer from South Africa.

Born in Eastern Cape, East London and bred in the streets of a small town called Port Elizabeth.

Lwazi is truly very versatile and unique when it comes to his music which is why he Identifies himself as a no strings attached artists who does not subjugate to one standard Genre.
He usually uses the English language in majority of his music but also uses (Vernacular) isiZuluixhosa in others

#MamaIAmTheMan by Roody Fashino feat. seAson & 9current is still

For BOOKING Contact: 0658422055 / /
TWITTER: @roodyfashinoSA
INSTAGRAM: @roodyfashino