• Some Of The Best Ways To Build Your Fanbase

    When it comes to building the fan base or audience
    , you need to help promote your career, first and 
    foremost dedication and discipline (on your part) is crucial.  So if discipline is not a part of your everyday life, research some tactics to better structure your day to day existence. With that aside, here are 3 ways to build the community that ultimately will be supporting every show, release, and a piece of merch you intend on selling. 


    We are not suggesting answering every question an individual sends your way, but answering some questions will help enforce a strong fan-base and can bring attention from new people. Hold a Q and A on Facebook or Instagram. Allow people to ask the questions on their mind (now trolling will happen, that is a part of the ordeal sadly) whether it's about recording, what such and such song is about and furthermore. Questions do not hurt unless they are personal and then that depends on you, how much of your personal life do you want out on the internet? 


    Not all of us can become Beyonce overnight and drop a new record. Until that moment comes, updating your audience with a release, debut and possible tour dates is the top priority. Have a mailing list where people can subscribe or get creative and develop a cool, sophisticated way of updating them. For instance, The 1975 (as well as a few other bands) sent out postcards for their latest album release. However, try to find something that will not drain the bank. 


    Face it, everyone loves something that is free. Whether it's a downloadable track, gig poster, desktop or even a pop-up show. Free says you care more about the music than the change being collected at the door. Which when it comes to a musician should be the truth as well as fiction. Of course making a living while being a musician is a dream, giving back in the form of some sort of free abundance says "I am taking into consideration, not everyone can buy a ticket or even afford that $1.99 on iTunes". So be kind and give back. Giveaways in exchange for getting a social media 'follow' using a site like Tune Boost is a cool way that artists are giving away new material while growing their network these days. 

    Kristen Fisher

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