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    Here we give you a detailed introduction to Bhutan’s famous attractions. Bhutan’s culture is in the same line as Tibet, with a long history, many historical sites in Bhutan, beautiful scenery, unique humanities, customs, and habits. If you travel to Bhutan for a shorter period of time, you must visit the most famous Taktshang Goemba, Rinpung Dzong, Punakha Dzong, and Tashi Chodzong. Trashi Chhoe Dzong), General Postal Office (General Postal Office), Dochu La Pass (Dochu La Pass), in addition to Bhutan tourist attractions, we are here to give you Bhutan tourist places.

    Punakha Dzong
    Punakha Dzong Fort is located at the confluence of the Father and Mother Rivers of Bhutan. It is the capital of Bhutan before Thimphu and the most beautiful Dzong Fort in Bhutan. Bhutan's nobles and eminent monks spend the summer at Thimphu Dzong Fort, and in winter they come to Punakha Dzong Fort to spend the winter.

    Taktshang Goemba
    The National Treasure of Bhutan, "Tiger's Nest" is a must-see attraction in Bhutan on foot, and is known as one of the top ten super temples in the world. It is the oldest and sacred monastery in Bhutan, suspended on a 10925-foot unstable cliff in Paro Gorge. There is no cable car or road to reach, and you need to hike to the top of the mountain.

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    What distinguishes those who got into the best universities in the world from the rest? What qualities are looked for in young people from all over the world at Harvard, Oxford, and Stanford? How do you develop an individual strategy for getting into your desired university? What aspects of your biography should be emphasized when preparing an application? How do you write the "99 papers reviews" that will make you stand out among the hundreds of competitors? Do letters of recommendation help? At a meeting with students of the Ukrainian Leadership Academy at the Oswitoria Hub Ivan Primachenko, co-founder of the online education platform Prometheus, who studied at The Ukrainian Emerging Leaders Program at Stanford, talked about this.

    I have hundreds of acquaintances, who have deep knowledge that would allow them to enter a prestigious western university, but they do not. They just do not believe that it is possible," shrugs speaker Ivan Primachenko. - There is a stereotype that the "elite," the "chosen," and the "bigwigs" get into Oxford, Harvard, or Stanford. But the example of some other acquaintances and friends proves that this is not the case - the secret is to choose the right strategy. Shall we begin?

    Be "polygamous" and indefatigable.

    Choose different schools, different curricula. If in the first year you have no luck - try the second and third year. If you "give up" after the first time - don't say that you "failed". Personally, I succeeded the second time, and I still consider it great luck.

    Study what the admissions office is looking for and don't get hung up on tests

    Every school puts something different into the concept of a "top applicant. But without exception, everyone hopes that you will be the one who makes them famous: the founder of a cool company, a community organization that will change the world for the better, a scientist who will win the Nobel Prize. Such graduates not only build their reputations, but also make significant philanthropic contributions.

    Universities are a kind of investment fund in human capital. They make "bets" just like people who invest in startups. Therefore, universities have subtle and sensitive mechanisms for selecting an investment target. They weigh your grades, the results of standardized tests that test your potential. The principle is: "If a person shows good results now, he will also hold himself to a high standard in the future. But the truth of life is that grades from Ukrainian schools will not be taken seriously if, for example, you are applying for an American baccalaureate.

    How to Motivate Your Child to Learn - A Harvard Study

    Unsurprisingly, everyone gets hung up on preparing for standardized tests. That, too, is a mistake. I recommend looking at the statistics available to everyone about what the average score on standardized tests is for those who apply to that particular program, but not trying to "outdo everyone else" and reach the maximum, but leaving the energy for more important things. Namely, writing a curriculum vitae and an essay.

    The secret mission of the CV and how to achieve it

    The purpose of a CV and essay is to showcase your background outside of grades and tests. They are even more meaningful than grades. Please don't make the classic mistake of having too much text. The committee is not going to read your most beautiful 10-page CV. The CV is used solely to get a sense of who you are and what you are about in 30 seconds. So it is in those 30 seconds that you need to explain to people exactly why you are awesome.

    In your CV, people will be looking for what you have accomplished. When I wrote my own at Stanford, I didn't list my title, I gathered facts: how many hundreds of thousands of users on our platform, how many courses we have, what partners with world-famous names we're proud of. So, don't just write that you're fundraising, but what kind of donors have fundraised. Facts, just facts.

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    Write an essay that Mark Zuckerberg would envy

    How to Write an Essay in English - Examples of English Essays

    How to write an essay in German: structure, expressions, simple techniques

    How to Write an Essay

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    Tibet Travel Map

    By ADFS, 2022-06-23

    The first test of entering Lhasa is to adapt to the challenges brought by the plateau. First of all, all steps must be kept at the slowest pace, walking, eating, and even speaking slowly. This is not difficult for us who practice yoga on weekdays and can adapt to a slow life. What's more interesting is that once someone tells a joke, they have to remind each other not to laugh, but to slowly "ha...ha..." laugh, which makes people more irritable to laugh.
    After leaving Lhasa, during this Tibetan meditation travel I saw a mountain stretching to the next as if it had no end; the lake I saw would be considered the sea, vast and boundless. Every corner can make people find a calm atmosphere and the power of existence: the vastness of Yamdrok Lake, the combination of water and mountains, and the majesty of Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar. Or meditation, you can always feel the resonance with the heavens and the earth, the mysterious power surrounded by the universe. No wonder someone said, "You can't die before you go to Tibet, you don't want to die if you have been to Tibet!"
    On the ninth day of the itinerary, enter the highlight of the journey- worshiping Lord Shiva around Mount Kailash . For a yogi, the ultimate performance of movement practice is to enter a state of Tibet meditation. Meditation retreats located in Tibet are not for ordinary people to just sit quietly and do nothing. Tibetan Buddhist retreat is a complete connection between me and the consciousness itself or the action itself. Is it a heightened realm of concentration and awareness? As a yogi, I travel around Mount Kailash in this state. I walk around the mountain and turn into a mountain. I walk to the mountain, and the mountain also comes to me.
    What is Kailash Parbat location and how long Kailash Manassarovar Yatra takes? It is not easy to walk 54 kilometers at a high altitude of four or five thousand in two days. The oxygen is so low that it can hardly change the breath. However, just like doing yoga, the body is very sore and tight, and you may give up in the next moment, but as long as you return to your breathing, it seems that you have regained plenty of energy and have the motivation to continue. Therefore, from a certain angle, turning a mountain can also be a deep yoga meditation.
    Why is Mount Kailash unclimbable? It’s due to the religious respect. All four religions (Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, and Bon) believe that it would be a serious act of disrespect to put a foot on its slopes. Legend has it that the only person to have reached the summit is the Buddhist champion Milarepa and that all others who have ventured against the forbidden have died in the process.
    Life is very busy, no matter how busy you are, you should give yourself time and space to breathe. The last stage of yoga practice is the "great rest". The great rest is not only rest but also an opportunity to reintegrate the inner energy. I chose Tibet, a place with such a pure frequency of energy vibration. Here, it is possible to meet a completely real self that you have never met before, just like in yoga practice.
    Note 1: The first master who brought Kundalini Yoga from India to the West in 1968 and spread to the whole world. Through the combination of yoga, science, and spirituality, help the world reach the 3H realm of Healthy, Happy, and Holy.
    Note 2: Every person has a completely pure nature, the id, and the original essence of the universe. Once the coverage is cleared, the inner and the true self when you meet, you can understand the meaning of life.

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