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    Smangori Musica (Amapiano)

    By Smangori Musica (Record Label) , 2021-05-13

    This sound is amapiano sound, the South African Street dance Music. The song is a dance song, Matswele inspired by the streets.

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    Nippey Cking

    By Nippey Cking, 2021-05-12
    Nippey Cking



    GrischaDJ - Br-r-reak!

    By GrischaDJ, 2021-05-12
    GrischaDJ - Br-r-reak!

    Hi there, Grigoriy "GrischaDJ" Sviridov here.

    Recently, I came up with the idea of experimenting with ambient and breakcore, and thought: "why not create an album?". So, this album came out...

    I made it in Mixcraft 8.1 Pro Studio, so, don't except professional sound... although, my future album (Experimental Assessment) is being recorded in a professional studio, so, stay tuned!

    Currently, you can enjoy Br-r-reak and my previous albums (however, I don't recommend my early loop experiments: Under The Bus, Eternity, Gameplace... all albums until GDJ Nation, which is more IDM)

    Link: https://grischadj.bandcamp.com/album/br-r-reak



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    ZayWitDaK and $aucegoddd 4EVATHUMBIN’

    By zaywitdak615$, 2021-05-12

    original4EvaThumbin’ (The Movement) Strikes AGAIN 

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    Love Heals

    By Low Down, 2021-05-12
    Love Heals

    Low Down's will provide the soundtrack to forthcoming novel Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll and Nursing.  Set in Edinburgh in the 1980s. A story of love and music. Follow Calum Robertson as he leaves the Isle of Skye to study in Edinburgh.  Exposed to all the temptations of the big city. Watch as he grabs life with both hands and does his best to sleep with as many women as he possibly can. Music and recreational drug use are part of his normal day. Life was good but something had to give. Didn't it?original

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