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    Promote your songs and get RESULTS!
    Our VIP membership is like DIY music PR and promotion. VIP members get access to a full, exclusive list of opportunities they can submit to throughout the week! Unlike other music promotion sites, we thoroughly search for active, up-to-date companies and are sure to point our members in the direction of the effective way to submit. Say no to blind music email blasts sent to expired contacts with little to no results!
    Get Access to 100s of Companies Monthly You Can Submit to Every Week Including:
    Radio Shows
    Licensin Companies
    Publishing Companies
    Promotion Channels
    DJ Pools

    You'll Also Get 20% Lifetime Discount to Our Services Page
    Access to Daily Blog Promotion on our site and social media pages!

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    *Please note that the $9.99/Month offer is only available to users who have signed up after 1-10- 20 which prompts members to use our new, automatic payment partner Stripe. If you are an older VIP member wishing to switch to our automated system, please contact us.

    In today’s age, the digital music world is very crowded. 90% of indie song releases don't make it past a handful of family and friends. Give your music a fighting chance to be shared, heard and loved.

    Our VIP section works for artists/bands in all genres!
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    No Mysterious Email Blasts

    We openly share the companies we connect our VIP members with! You don’t have to deal with other promo services claiming to send you to thousands of inactive company emails; you’ll have full access to real company sites promoting indie talent in real time. You'll be able to submit music to blogs, radio shows and similar channels with a much higher chance of being seen. Email blasts are usually sent straight to people's junk folders or worse: emails that don't even exist!

    No Hidden Submission Fees

    We do our best to find opportunities that don’t require submission fees! We also will never charge extra for you to submit after joining VIP; you can submit to literally every company we post in your genre for the same monthly price.

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    We offer a variety of options in Music Promotion including Promotional Packages, a daily blog to promote music from Underground/Indie Artists, Youtube promo, Facebook Promo, Twitter promo and much more! For details, please visit the Promotional Services page to get the scoop on how we promote music. We've been in the music marketing and PR business for over 10 years and look forward to servicing musicians and artists worldwide for a lot longer! If you are not already a member and would like to sign up for free to benefit from our variety of resources for indie and unsigned music makers, follow this link.

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    Monday - Saturday: 9am-6pm EST

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  •  Our Top Services:

    Development Packages

    Our development packages assist with what artists need to have before releasing a song. Services include mixing and mastering, art design, song critiques and social media services. To make sure an artist’s image, sound and networks are presentable to fans and industry scouts, thousands of clients have used our low-priced deals to their advantage.

    VIP Music Marketing Guide

    For those who are ready to find opportunities in the music world they can submit to, our VIP section is a perfect fit for artists in all genres. 5 days a week, we post opportunities that include radio stations, magazines, contests and labels who are in search of Indie music. These opportunities are posted for our VIP members to have access to submit their best music to in chance of placements, deals and exposure opportunities. We do our best to find fresh, relevant opportunities that don’t require submission fees.

    SoundCloud Promotion

    For our members and clients who have excelled in creating very appealing musical works, we offer a variety of free, paid and non-exclusive deals to market talent across the globe. For these types of offers, we can only accept less than 10% of the music submissions sent to us, to ensure only the finest quality music is being marketed to our connections and audience base. Sending an amazing song out to the masses has a very different effect than sending out a decent song with potential to the masses. To ensure successful campaigns, we have to be very picky about the talent we chose to promote on a large scale.