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    Gryffin - Nobody Compares to You (AlessandroMusic Remix)

    This is a remix I recently finished on the song, 'Nobody Compares to You'.

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    bleec  - In A Different Way (single debut / new artist)

    Hi :) 

    I'm an independent artist who just released his first single. I don't care how many likes or streams my music gets. If it can make you feel something, forget the pain of this world or just help you relax, I see it as a complete success. And this is also my goal for my music in the future. 



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    Soulja Baby, I PRODUCE HML

    By soulja baby, 2021-10-17
    Soulja Baby, I PRODUCE HML

    Don’t got much 2 say. Check the SC, i want my music to speak for itself

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    You need it !! He got it !! (Rock, pop, reggae, rnb, hip hop)

    Are you tired of the sound alike rappers and singers these day ? Look no further, Shiloh Slimz is here with his brand new album called LIFE AFTER BIRTH. In stores now, available for streaming downloading and sharing. Hits like call me up, my loving, freaky and lots more...original



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    Jessicawanchi - Out of Sight

    By Jessica wanchi, 2021-10-15
    Jessicawanchi - Out of Sight

    Jessicawanchi is a fast rising Singer| songwriter and performing artist with a commanding voice and a unique music style. Her genres are Afropop, #AfroSOUL, pop, hip hop, soul RnB.


    Out of sight Pre-save release link:


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