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    Rate My Music Package

    With our unique "Rate My Music" Package, we promote clients using on-site advertising with Soundcloud-hosted songs. With our mix of free and paid resources for unsigned musicians across the globe, our site has built a steady flow of traffic that musicians can take advantage of using our on-site music marketing tactics. For this particular promotion, we accept all styles and genres of music that is available on or able to be uploaded onto Soundcloud. In addition to targeted song plays that are generated for our clients, we use an on-site 5-star rating system that allows browsers to rate the music they are being exposed to. Our small team of music critics also provide their feedback and critiques on each and every Soundcloud Promotion package that we run. Don't miss out on a chance to be heard and reviewed by like-minded musicians and artists in our community!

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    For clients on a tight budget looking for a way to stand out, we have a very affordable Soundcloud Play Boost option that has been used by 100s of musicians just like you. The process of boosting social media numbers to boost a business or personal brand is often referred to as social proof. What’s the meaning of social proof? Let’s say you’ve opened up a barbershop at your closest outlet mall. You’re new, and you need ways to entice people into walking into your store. You decided to bring a few family members along for moral support on an opening day. Another barbershop owner has also opened his business right across from yours. Unfortunately, he didn’t bring anyone to his store opening. Potential clients walk by the two shops and take a moment to decide. Which will they choose? More than likely, they will choose your shop, because more people are already in it. This is how social proof works. The same can be applied to the thousands upon thousands of emerging artists on the internet. Everyone is new and unsigned! What music will the people browsing through indie artists choose to take a chance on? The ones that stand out and already have a crowd. We use a safe, passive listener method that allows our clients to boost numbers by receiving very brief plays from users around the world. In addition to Soundcloud Plays, we can also offer likes, reposts, and followers. 

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    For all members that sign up for a free membership with Push Power Promo, we offer a chance to receive blog exposure for unsigned music with our User-Submitted blog. After signup, users are invited to add a featured post that includes a Title, Genre, HTML options and unique blog URLs that will have visibility in Google and similar search engines. Hosting sites can include Soundcloud, Youtube, Reverbnation, and Bandcamp. Our dedicated staff regularly reviews new member blog posts in search for amazing talent. For our members and clients, we find who have excelled in creating very appealing musical works, we offer a variety of free, paid and non-exclusive deals to market talent across the globe. For these types of offers, we can only accept less than 10% of the submissions sent to us, to ensure only the finest quality music is being marketed to our connections and audience base. Sending an amazing song out to the masses has a very different effect than sending out a decent song with potential to the masses. To ensure successful campaigns, we have to be very picky about the talent we chose to promote on a large scale.

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    At Push Power Promo, we aim to add value to our members and clients in their musical journey. We cover a variety of resources that many other companies don't have the time, staff or vision to assist unsigned artists with. No matter where you are in your career, it is very likely that we have something you can benefit from.


    With 10+ years of experience in online marketing, brand awareness, social media marketing, web/sound design, community growth and tons of other important business practices, our brand has established a solid foundation and client base. 


    We interact with many clients and members daily for a wide variety of reasons that include customer support, member assistance, music career tips, consultation, custom offers and more. Throughout all of our daily interactions, we strive to provide helpful, personable, warm dialogue with anyone and everyone we chat with. A large portion of our staff are musicians and artists ourselves, so we find that we can easily relate and connect during a large majority of our interactions. 


    The music world is ever-changing! Throughout the years and changes, we are constantly changing and growing ourselves. Push Power Promo started as a simple blog that featured Hip Hop and R&B songs. Since then, we've evolved into a music resource for unsigned and independent musicians in all genres as well as a discovery resource for music fans and companies alike. Our services are constantly becoming more complex and beneficial with the help of our dedication to Research and Development in our field. We are always studying new ways to market and reading up on new platforms that emerge. We are often engulfed in brainstorming and trial-and-error projects. We're always working!

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  • Nice intro, love how it melds into the track to become the main hook of the song. There would be a couple sections where I would introduce a delay within the vocals to highlight some of the lyrics, especially in the transitions between verse and chorus. The chorus already sounds big but it would be great for it to be BIG, possibly by bringing the drums to the foreground just a little bit for the fills that happen. Also, more dynamics with the vocal track would add an additional layer to this track! Personally, I’d love to hear a guitar solo at about 2:30 to really give some power to the track then followed into the chorus. Definitely a bunch of talented musicians! Would love to hear more of their stuff, definitely followed on soundcloud to watch the progress.

    - Tom L.

  • Very inviting intro that leads into a smooth rocking country sound. The singer has a very memorable voice with allot of character. Love the strong intro and "outlaw country" sound of the vocals. This has country anthem potential for sure. From a production standpoint, I think that the vocals could use a little extra layer to match the strength of the band. But overall, this is a great song with a cool message. 

    - Jessica J.

  • This intro grabs you right off the start. Beautiful, Tranquil sounding combo of guitar and percussions. This kind of reminded me more of the Southern Rock bands that I have seen so many of around here in my parts. The vocalist def has a strong voice and just the right sound for this genre. Normally I do not like country, unless it's of course Hank, Willie, Johnny, George, Waylon you see where I'm going with that, but this one had a little of a rock sound in it. I thought it sounded great. Nice song!

    - N. Lynn 

  • Opens with an uplifting and positive melody. The vocals are suited to the music and the beat is clear and strong. The vocalist has a very commercial pop style and sings with confidence. The production of this track is nice. When the beat kicks in for the chorus, it really steps the track up a level. This track is somewhere between a pop track and a club track - a good mix. Could do with a more memorable melody in the music, but a good track.

    - Error Face

  • Ultimate feel good song. Very beautiful lyrics. I immediately started dancing in my seat and snapping, and bobbin my head LOL. The sound quality is awesome, the song is very well orchestrated. The vocalist's voice(s) were nice. Has a nice dance beat to it. In your eyes was repeated quite a bit, but hey that's expected with this genre. Very talented, I enjoyed listening to this track. Great Song!

    - Nev Lynn

  • This makes you think of that loved one you once loved or that you love now. I can just imagine dancing with them and letting go to have pure fun. In your eyes I see love and I am alive. I can just picture holding hands and spinning so many times. You just spin until you don't even know where you are anymore. You don't know where you end and your loved one begins. It's the great EDM tracks that have you get lost in the music.

    - @lilianebrown

  • The sunshine doctor is in! This is a very uplifting message of the higher power having your back. Dr. Enin Perryman is a great and strong singer. I love the background photo showing pure joy on his face. There can truly be never a cloudy day while listening to this song. Not to the mention, this song is very catchy. I like how it goes double toward the end for a bridge song part, it really keeps the momentum going.

    - L. Brown 

  • This is a very nice inspirational religious track. This whole song is one big chorus which allows anyone to join in and sing, especially in the church setting. It would be great when it makes an appearance to have a little more presence in the foreground. I think the overall mix has the drums and the vocals in the spotlight, everything else falls way back into the mix, a little too far back. If I were the mix engineer, I’d reconsider the levels one more time and take out a few of the instrument tracks because it can be a little busy. The main vocal point is definitely the vocal, however the background just falls into a blur and should be a little more in focus and brought into the foreground a little more.

    - @RuB1sCo

  • Track opens with some soulful words, setting the tone of the song. The vocals are clear and sang passionately. The track is well produced with a nice modern sounding beat. The track is well structured with some nice melodies and sounds throughout. Could benefit by lowering the vocal levels a little as they overpower the music at times. A very positive track, full of feeling, with a good message.

    - Neil H.

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