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    Raise Your Chance Of Getting Heard (DIY)

    Got some amazing songs but don't know quite where and who to send them to? A tip that will increase your chances of getting your songs played and loved by any type of listener is to find your target market. A target market is an audience of people that just so happen to love consuming the product you create, which in this case, is music.

    Target Listeners By Mood

    If you have music that is very mood specific, it is a good idea to target potential fans who have a knack for consuming this type of music. For example, if you have music that would be appropriate for meditation, you may want to target people who use music for their yoga class or sleep cycle. Music Licensing Companies that look for songs to place in TV/Film/Media that match specific moods are a great place to send your songs if they fit well with a common mood.

    Target Listeners By Genre

    The best way to find your target market is to find people who love consuming music specific to your genre. The more specific the genre and sub-genre is, the better. For example, Let's say you send your band's new stoner/psychedelic song to two people: one who likes rock music, and ones who specifically like stoner rock. Obviously, the second listener is way more likely to play and love your song.

    Target Listeners By Message

    Songs of any style that strike a chord within a listener's heart because of the message are the best types of songs. These types of songs often defy genres and demographics. Sending your track to a listener who personally relates to your lyrics is a great way to do targeted marketing. Examples include songs specific to locations (i.e a Texas Pride song), songs that have a political or social message, and songs that have great doses of inspirational lyrics.

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