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    Mikirah7 Album

    By Mikirah, 2020-01-24
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    Styles MC- We On The Game

    By stylesmc, 2020-01-24
    Styles MC- We On The Game


    Release Date- 22nd Nov 2019

    Produced By- Malenge T. Ngondo aka Styles MC

    Distributed By- Bomb Shelter Entertainment

    We On The Game is the 1st Single release from 

    veteran Zambian rapper Styles MC’s 6th Album 

    release “2 Kool 4 Skool”. After a 4 year break, 

    Styles MC has put together his most eclectic Afro 

    fusioned song and diverse video ever to 

    accompany this first single.

    Having begun his music career as a private DJ in 1996 with performances with notorious sound systems 

    and clubs like Sugar Shack sounds, RPM 8000 and Black Velvet, Styles MC made his rapping debut as a 

    runner up at the Million Kwacha Rap Contest at Olympic Pool (Rhodes Park) in 1998; Sponsored by 

    Tiyende Magazine, Trend Setters, Radio Phoenix and Chisha Folotiya to launch Mondo Music.

    He has since launched his own studio called Bomb Shelter Entertainment in 2005 and produced released 

    over 5 albums and 80 tracks with his last release BSE- The Remixes Vol. 1 coming out in 2016. Hits 

    include Mic Check, Ghost Stories, World Gone Sad, Groove & What We Do This For. A long with his 

    studio, he also runs a Marketing, Advertising, Branding, Web Management and Corporate Printing


    ‘We On The Game is by far the biggest and most intensely planned and implemented music single I have 

    ever engaged myself in after 20 yrs plus in the industry.’- Malenge T. Ngondo aka Styles MC.

    With the track production, recording and mixing being spread over several years and engaging Drex

    (now of House Of Drex), the legendary producer of David Sling music the song concept and finalizing was 

    of the highest local standard. 

    The music video along with Styles MC involved a crew of 3 professional models, 4 Bike stunters of Born 

    To Ride crew, 2 camera operators and one editor and was shot at Hero’s Stadium and Jaro Gym 

    (Carousal Mall) in Lusaka.

    After the single launch we are set to hear and see more TV and Radio interviews and shows featuring 

    Styles MC and several live performances already being planned by BSE’s own Event Management 

    Unified Promotions and other Clubs and promoters.

    Further info and Social Media handles can be found @ www.bomb-shelter-ent.com.

    Bomb Shelter Entertainment. Emmasdale, Mululu Rd., F737/27/C Flat 3, Lusaka, Zm. Tel- (±260) 0977 

    662960, 0969 662960 or 0955 318160. Email- admin@bomb-shelter-ent.com or ngondomt@gmail.com.

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    Youngworldibi Wut Ya Life Like

    By Youngworldibi2, 2020-01-24
    Youngworldibi Wut Ya Life Like


    I go by the name Youngworldibi. Been writing music since 15 yrs old. After being released from prison about 2 years ago finally decided to dedicate myself to a music career. Spent years honing in and mastering my craft. Knew this was something Ive always wanted to do, just took a while to focus. Take pride in putting out good music with lyricism and originality. Unique style. Hungry for this and don’t plan on stopping. More new music on the way soon!!!  Go follow me on all music or social media platforms @Youngworldibi and sure to go check out my music for yourself and give feedback. Much luv 🙏 💯

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    By KAHPAYDAY317 , 2020-01-21

    KAH PAYDAY | New Artist On The Scene From Indianapolis,Indiana. My music is based on my life & the things I've either witnessed or have actually done. I have a new Mixtape titled | Kill-A-Hoe Mentality dropping summer of 2020. 

    Follow me on Instagram & Twitter: @KAH_PAYDAY317 all other inquiries Email: kahbookings@gmail.com original


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