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    By Warren Burke AKA "BRICKCITY", 2019-11-18

    IDENTITY,  is everything especially when GOD is in your life.


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    Lil agaboo feat.King Kyle Lee-Sauce

    By Hot Texas Artist, 2019-11-18
    Lil agaboo feat.King Kyle Lee-Sauce
    1. This new song is honestly amazing it's literally impossible to not start head bobbing and moving to honestly one of the best songs made from 2 San Antonio artist. This new type of hip hop and club feel is just amazing I give this song a 10 out of 10  in the hottest artist in Texas list. These artist did a remarkable job getting the everyday life that they used to live and aquired it in a fun club feeling type of song. I'm glad I had the chance to hear this music first hand and hope to one day bring them in to talk about the song and new upcoming releases.


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    You Know It by JUMG

    By Phlatlyne, 2019-11-18

    Coming of a hiatus JUMG is back with its latest video. While all along reaching angles that is sort to make a statement and grab the attention needed. You Know It has the groove and the meaning of tearing that one with respect, getting to know her in all aspect of life. 


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    Flaw(for love and war)New Me

    By R.N.O.G, 2019-11-18
    Flaw(for love and war)New Me

    I was born and raised in Miami,Fl . Growing up thru the dilemmas of being raised by a single parent and the ruff streets of Miami, I found myself going down a road that I really didn't want. I started looking for something to take my mind and me away from the trials and tribulations that I faced on a daily basis and the only thing I found myself to really enjoy and like was music. Listening to my favorites and not knowing at the time but music was growing on me in a way I never expected. From singing along with music to eventually harmonizing my own tunes and music I grew into writing my own rhymes. It wasn't easy in the beginning but through dedication and commitment, my lyrical talents expanded from no one wanting to listen to me and give me advice to everywhere I went, "you still doing music, man i like that new song i heard". My life evolved into music in a way that this is all I want to do. My music tells of the everyday life situations that we face daily. I grew up on conscious music so my music is all conscious writing. I consider myself to be a real individual so it's only right that I keep it real at all times and with everyone. What you hear in my music,either you or you will know someone that has gone through some of the things I Express in my songs or are currently going through them. I will only give you my best so my best you can always expect. FLAW(for love and war). Thanks and I hope you'll enjoy what i bring to the world. Love and peace always.


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    M Ty Official

    By Hlokoloza, 2019-11-16

    A young man from South Africa, Gauteng province in one of the Townships/Loksin in Johannesburg. M Ty quoted "Emabiza Tembisa Sixteen32", Hip Hop cooked up like a Sunday meal M Ty Son. I love Trap music, I listen to Rap, Pop, Underground, Trap "All in Hip Hop Genre".💦Like💦Share💦Feedback💦



     M Ty Son ❤️💯

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    💦M Ty Son - Phola (Hater) 😎🔥🔥💯

    💦M Ty Son ft IvenDeeno - Pl


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